martedì 30 aprile 2013

Filetto vs fettine

Those of you who know me well, are familiar with the idea that I am a serious meat eater. I could have a steak every day. Preferably medium rare and juicy. I just cannot get enough.

Believe it or not, I have not had a steak since I got to Abu Dhabi. Partly because I am not very hungry (my stomach is pretty much on the lock up) and partly because I am living a nomadic life. Residing in a hotel (a 5* but a mere hotel nonetheless) I have a pool and a gym but no cooker.

So today I craved meat and I decided to pay a visit to Porto Bello restaurant (an Italian restaurant inside my hotel). I have heard so many good things about it and my friend Mohammed also recommended it. So I check the meat menu and after spotting "Filet" I decide to stay.

The waiter arrives (he was a sort of senior waiter) wearing a different uniform than his colleagues. With a big smile on my face, as am already anticipating the juicy flavours in my mouth, I say: the filetto please! That is how it read on the menu. So he replies: the veal filet? My face says daaaa and my mouth says yes.

20 minutes later, my plate arrives. To my surprise I find a number of meat slices (I mean SLICES!!). What we call in Italian fettine. I was soooo, soooo disappointed. Tasty slices ok. But I wanted a proper piece of mouth watering meat....

So, quite unlike me, I wave to a waiter I heard speaking in Italian and asked whether in Abu Dhabi steaks are different. Before I could finish talking, the "Senior" waiter jumps to the table demanding to know what is going on. To which I say that I got slices instead of steak only to hear him aggressively defending himself and blaming me for the choice. What insolence!
Anyways, I told him off with a smile (always useful) and kept chatting with the Italian guy who had also arrived not so long ago. Very pleasurable, a breeze from back home.

Might go back. We will see.

My overall score to Portobello is 6/10. My palate is demanding and while I am a salt addict, food was too salty for my taste and that says it all...

Bill: Veal slices with steam vegetables and no drinks 179 AUD.

lunedì 29 aprile 2013

I have keys!

Indeed! I got my keys. All 20 of them!  (Don't ask...)

Now the fun starts: Electricity, Water and internet contracts. Plus of course, furniture! I have already armed myself with an IKEA catalogue. But, I will take it easy. Priorities are a bed for me and one for the guests who are coming really soon! The rest will come later.

A sweet surprise: the pool/gym were supposed to be operational in September but today I was told they will be done in two weeks. Yeah! This means no interruption in my running schedule.

Pictures to come soon

p.s You are all invited for a house-warming party!

mercoledì 24 aprile 2013

A good day in Abu Dhabi

Indeed. Lots of good things happened today:

  • First and foremost, my friend Emily booked her ticket to come and visit. Wohoooo! exciting!
  • I got my residence, at last!
  • My boss was pleased with me and told our Director that I learned in 3 weeks what he learned in 3 months! Yay!
  • I swam 50 lanes.
Not too bad, not too bad.

This week end I will pay a visit to IKEA to make sure both Emily and I have a bed to sleep in for when I move into the new flat, hopefully next week.

Night people.

domenica 21 aprile 2013

First run, in God knows how long....

Finally! It was about time. I put my runners, my  gears and hit the gym.
It has been ages, maybe 1 year? Maybe more. I started slow, but hopefully soon I will go back to my pace.

lunedì 15 aprile 2013

The meaning of my name

Kamilah in Arabic, means perfect and complete. I have been hearing my name too often these days here in Abu Dhabi but with the word "mish" in front of it. Which means "not.

The ID card application: mish Kamilah
The residency permit application: mish Kamilah
The Bank Account application: mish Kamilah
The internet connection: mish Kamilah
The data update for our mega server: mish Kamilah

Man!  This is the land of incompletion. Yes I know. Patience. And I will be.

One good news, is that I have been deemed FIT for work. The health check in the UAE is a pretty serious business (especially for me that I work in the agency). They run blood tests (for HIV and STDs) and X-Rays (for TBC). I am cleared, so now all the incomplete applications above can get completed (as nothing happens if you are not fit. They actually put you on a plane and send you back!).

At least one thing out of the way....


venerdì 12 aprile 2013

Detto del giorno

"Non ho le spalle larghe solo perché ho giocato a pallavolo!"*

Grazie Elli. xx

*In Italian, "avere le spalle larghe" literally means "to have broad shoulders". However, it is also figurative,  meaning " hardy" or "capable of enduring difficult conditions". So the sentence  literally says: "I do not have broad shoulders, only thanks to practicing volleyball!" and it actually means: "Am hardy, not only thanks to volleyball!"

venerdì 5 aprile 2013

Greetings from Abu Dhabi

Hello all!!

this is my first blog entry in English in three years! So, my dear friends (you know who you are!) no more reasons to push me to open a facebook account! As I am writing I can see (and hear!) George Galloway on Al Jazeera, he is everywhere!!

So, it has been a very intense day. I landed on time at Abu Dhabi airport, amid a sand storm. Yes, I know. I need to get used to it. It was about 32 degrees, but very pleasant. A driver from work picked me up. He will become my best friend for the next few months taking me from and to work every day. Not bad, as driving seems a dangerous endeavor in this city.

He took me to my apartment, a cozy one bedroom flat in the middle of Abu Dhabi. The area is not great, it is behind a main road. But the flat is in a hotel so I have all the services I need and it seems not too far from work. I discovered later tonight that the area is not as bad as it initially seemed. I have plenty of supermarkets, coffee shops, and restaurants nearby. Anyways, I don't think I will be staying here too long. While I can enjoy this place for an entire month, I have already viewed some flats. It was quick I know. But this afternoon I met with an old friend of mine, Mohammed,  who works in real estates and he has the keys for so many places! So, I had the luxury of viewing the flats in the evening.

First, Mohammed took me to Nation Towers. An amazing building. It was impressive. The rooms were impressive. The view was impressive. However, it lacked something. It was very luxurious, with an excellent location, closed to the Corniche (the sea side). While it had the "wow" factor, it lacked the "home feeling".

Mohammed, knows my taste. So, later he takes me to Al Bateen, and viewed Al Marasy development. A dream-like place. Most amenities (restaurants, cafe's...etc) will be ready in September, but this means that the flat is brand new and what I need is there. You can get a taste from the pic below. Once I visit the place in day light I will take some real pictures!

The location is slightly less central and less fancy than the first (which was next to a super duper 5 stars hotel) but in Abu Dhabi but it had everything else. An amazing balcony looking on the sea, spacious rooms (with windows which actually open unlike the first place), an open plan kitchen... I love it! Plus, there are several hotels near by, which means clubs and nice restaurants (BTW! Ladies, remind me to tell you about ladies nigt here in Abu Dhabi. You will like it) I will definitely see a few more flats before making a decision, but now I understand what Moh meant when he said I need 2 days to find a place. I am lucky that I have him. Knowing locals and above all in the right places, makes it a lot easier.

Today I also met with his beautiful wife Sabrina and their lovely three kids. Her parents were visiting and it is always a pleasure to meet them. Some fresh Irish breeze in this hot country!

Am exhausted. I had an intense day: new colours,  smells,  landscapes, temperatures, culture.... Indeed, am exhausted and tomorrow I might go to Dubai. I will go to bed.

A presto!

Comunicazione di servizio: posts in inglese

Ciao a tutti,

per un po' scrivero'  i post in inglese. Credo che tutti voi che mi leggete parlate almeno un pochino di inglese. E comunque abbastanza per leggere i miei messaggi semplici semplici. Mentre i miei amici Londinesi, che mi stressano di aprire un conto facebook, non parlano l'italiano. Pericio' per un po' proviamo.

Che ne dite?


giovedì 4 aprile 2013

Prendo il volo

Nel senso letterario e figurativo della parola. Tra pochi minuti volo negli emirati facendo scalo a Parigi per iniziare questa nuova avventura.

Cari amici e parenti, vi penserò e auguratemi un po' di fortuna che non so davvero cosa mi aspetta.

A presto
La nomade
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