martedì 30 aprile 2013

Filetto vs fettine

Those of you who know me well, are familiar with the idea that I am a serious meat eater. I could have a steak every day. Preferably medium rare and juicy. I just cannot get enough.

Believe it or not, I have not had a steak since I got to Abu Dhabi. Partly because I am not very hungry (my stomach is pretty much on the lock up) and partly because I am living a nomadic life. Residing in a hotel (a 5* but a mere hotel nonetheless) I have a pool and a gym but no cooker.

So today I craved meat and I decided to pay a visit to Porto Bello restaurant (an Italian restaurant inside my hotel). I have heard so many good things about it and my friend Mohammed also recommended it. So I check the meat menu and after spotting "Filet" I decide to stay.

The waiter arrives (he was a sort of senior waiter) wearing a different uniform than his colleagues. With a big smile on my face, as am already anticipating the juicy flavours in my mouth, I say: the filetto please! That is how it read on the menu. So he replies: the veal filet? My face says daaaa and my mouth says yes.

20 minutes later, my plate arrives. To my surprise I find a number of meat slices (I mean SLICES!!). What we call in Italian fettine. I was soooo, soooo disappointed. Tasty slices ok. But I wanted a proper piece of mouth watering meat....

So, quite unlike me, I wave to a waiter I heard speaking in Italian and asked whether in Abu Dhabi steaks are different. Before I could finish talking, the "Senior" waiter jumps to the table demanding to know what is going on. To which I say that I got slices instead of steak only to hear him aggressively defending himself and blaming me for the choice. What insolence!
Anyways, I told him off with a smile (always useful) and kept chatting with the Italian guy who had also arrived not so long ago. Very pleasurable, a breeze from back home.

Might go back. We will see.

My overall score to Portobello is 6/10. My palate is demanding and while I am a salt addict, food was too salty for my taste and that says it all...

Bill: Veal slices with steam vegetables and no drinks 179 AUD.

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