venerdì 5 aprile 2013

Greetings from Abu Dhabi

Hello all!!

this is my first blog entry in English in three years! So, my dear friends (you know who you are!) no more reasons to push me to open a facebook account! As I am writing I can see (and hear!) George Galloway on Al Jazeera, he is everywhere!!

So, it has been a very intense day. I landed on time at Abu Dhabi airport, amid a sand storm. Yes, I know. I need to get used to it. It was about 32 degrees, but very pleasant. A driver from work picked me up. He will become my best friend for the next few months taking me from and to work every day. Not bad, as driving seems a dangerous endeavor in this city.

He took me to my apartment, a cozy one bedroom flat in the middle of Abu Dhabi. The area is not great, it is behind a main road. But the flat is in a hotel so I have all the services I need and it seems not too far from work. I discovered later tonight that the area is not as bad as it initially seemed. I have plenty of supermarkets, coffee shops, and restaurants nearby. Anyways, I don't think I will be staying here too long. While I can enjoy this place for an entire month, I have already viewed some flats. It was quick I know. But this afternoon I met with an old friend of mine, Mohammed,  who works in real estates and he has the keys for so many places! So, I had the luxury of viewing the flats in the evening.

First, Mohammed took me to Nation Towers. An amazing building. It was impressive. The rooms were impressive. The view was impressive. However, it lacked something. It was very luxurious, with an excellent location, closed to the Corniche (the sea side). While it had the "wow" factor, it lacked the "home feeling".

Mohammed, knows my taste. So, later he takes me to Al Bateen, and viewed Al Marasy development. A dream-like place. Most amenities (restaurants, cafe's...etc) will be ready in September, but this means that the flat is brand new and what I need is there. You can get a taste from the pic below. Once I visit the place in day light I will take some real pictures!

The location is slightly less central and less fancy than the first (which was next to a super duper 5 stars hotel) but in Abu Dhabi but it had everything else. An amazing balcony looking on the sea, spacious rooms (with windows which actually open unlike the first place), an open plan kitchen... I love it! Plus, there are several hotels near by, which means clubs and nice restaurants (BTW! Ladies, remind me to tell you about ladies nigt here in Abu Dhabi. You will like it) I will definitely see a few more flats before making a decision, but now I understand what Moh meant when he said I need 2 days to find a place. I am lucky that I have him. Knowing locals and above all in the right places, makes it a lot easier.

Today I also met with his beautiful wife Sabrina and their lovely three kids. Her parents were visiting and it is always a pleasure to meet them. Some fresh Irish breeze in this hot country!

Am exhausted. I had an intense day: new colours,  smells,  landscapes, temperatures, culture.... Indeed, am exhausted and tomorrow I might go to Dubai. I will go to bed.

A presto!

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  1. Voto per il posto con le finestre che si aprono per davvero... :-O


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  3. That would be awesome considering that most hotels in there are having a view of the sea in all their properties.



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