lunedì 15 aprile 2013

The meaning of my name

Kamilah in Arabic, means perfect and complete. I have been hearing my name too often these days here in Abu Dhabi but with the word "mish" in front of it. Which means "not.

The ID card application: mish Kamilah
The residency permit application: mish Kamilah
The Bank Account application: mish Kamilah
The internet connection: mish Kamilah
The data update for our mega server: mish Kamilah

Man!  This is the land of incompletion. Yes I know. Patience. And I will be.

One good news, is that I have been deemed FIT for work. The health check in the UAE is a pretty serious business (especially for me that I work in the agency). They run blood tests (for HIV and STDs) and X-Rays (for TBC). I am cleared, so now all the incomplete applications above can get completed (as nothing happens if you are not fit. They actually put you on a plane and send you back!).

At least one thing out of the way....


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  1. :) non e' proprio il tuo paese eheheheheeh

    bacii buona



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