giovedì 13 giugno 2013

Two months and six days...


...since I landed in Abu Dhabi. And what 2 months and 6 days!

My life has changed in many ways. I now live in a new country, surrounded by new people, cultures, landscapes, smells, sounds... I have started a new job, and I finally moved into my house. I have not managed to turn it into a home, yet, but it is work in progress.

I have not met as many people as one would expect but it is mainly my fault. I have not had enough time to go out and mingle, but Abu Dhabi has a lot to offer on the social side. When Emsy, my friend from London visited, we went out every night and we discovered this super cool concept called "Ladies Night". In other words, women drink for free, most likely to lure men into the bar or club. Silly enough, you have to pay for your water and diet coke (Seriously!!), which is, surprisingly all am drinking, as I am driving my little car everywhere.

I spent the first few weeks battling against the bureaucratic machine to get my paper work sorted, including health insurance, work permit, residency visa, Emirates ID, driving license, water and electricity contracts... it was endless. But now it is all over, no need to do that again. I also started my German course, which was slow to begin with but quickly picked up pace.

I visited Ikea, several times, to buy the bare minimum to make my house liveable (is it even a word?). I have so many funny adventures to tell, and I need to get better at blogging, especially that I am not on facebook. Here facebook is a must. Everything happens through it. Events, sale of furniture, trips...Having said that, I am still holding on to my non-facebook stand. At least for the moment.

My probation ends in 2 weeks, after that, should I decide to stay, I have trips every month until December, to keep my self busy. Cannot wait to see my ladies in London, Brussels, and Switzerland, who have kept me company in these hard weeks. I love you all so much, you are amazing. These are some of what my friends wrote to me. You are all so far and yet so close. You are the best:

·       You know that you are free, very free in fact. Give it a couple of months, see it as an adventure. 
·       Sit back, relax and (try to) enjoy your flight! It's not decision time yet. 
·       All other things in your head: STAY BUSY and POSITIVE! You have an opportunity of a lifetime, make the most of it and make sure this down period is a trampoline into a successful and comfortable future. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. 
·       More than anyone I know you have the strongest survival skills – honestly. I have always admired how you can get yourself through any situation and make the best of it.
·       You have an amazing capability to become friends with anyone from any background so use it! Seriously, you need to give yourself some credit look at all the different people you have in your life and their common denominator is you...that’s because you have the ability to fit in anywhere. I truly believe that. 
·       I think you should try the know you are always welcome back here there is a standing invitation...if you really are not enjoying it in a few months time then come back! But give yourself the space to see what it can be before making that call.  I don’t think the money and houses are worth the feeling of indefinite isolation – but I also think you’re feeling lonely now is a combination of things all at once that would make the strongest fall.  So give it more time...
·       Don’t “throw the towel” now. If you really want, you know you can always come back to Matrix, Steve said that, Jacque still says it. So with that in mind, maybe you can be a bit more relaxed and try out this new opportunity. 
·       Give it time, know we aren't that far away (just an email) and that things will start to get better. Also time goes quickly and soon enough we will be in Greece or UAE or London (we are so darn international!!!! ) 
·       pls pls pls know that I'm always here for you as you can even imagine how much I value and admire you! You are my inspiration for strength and incredibleness!
·       Abu Dhabi is not the reason, but just the excuse...
·       Tu sei camaleontica, sono certa che ti adatterai presto!
·       Ti voglio un mondo di bene e ti penso fortissimamente nel tentativo di accompagnarti in questa nuova avventura!

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