mercoledì 11 settembre 2013

Living off my suitcase

Many things change in life, some do not. One that always stays the same is my nomadic life and living off a trolley or a suitcase. After London, Genoa, London, Skiathos I am now all packed again ready to fly to Germany. I am off to attend and celebrate the wedding of my dearest friend Bille. I am super excited to see her get married to her wonderful and lovely husband-to-be, Carsten.

Who would have ever known that from a study visit to Trinity College Dublin back in 2006 I would have met this woman who became one of my partners in crime. A sister.

We laughed, suffered (PhD)... grew together.  We visited each other in Dublin, Genoa, Berlin, Bonn, Cologne, London, Frankfurt, and Wuppertal. We listened to each other's love stories and were there for each other to pick up the pieces when it was over. I even convinced her to become blonde for a while (below the proof back in 2007, during our own PhD camp in Genova, with lots of sun and little research).

I saw Bille as a student, as Doctor in Philosophy, I witnessed her first days as Assistant Professor, until she became (yes!) a full Professor. I was there. I saw her turning into the beautiful woman, mother to be, that she is today.

I am truly blessed to be there on a day so special for her. To help her wear a beautiful dress which cannot hide the little treasure she is growing in her tummy. Thank you Sibylle for being one of those reasons which make living off a suitcase so pleasant and so worth it! 

In less than 3 weeks I will be packing again to another destination. To another wedding. Another reunion. Another reason to unpack, pack, sleep little, laugh (and cry) a lot and celebrate life.

4 commenti:

  1. I didn't know you could be such romantic and sweet-hearted, such a soft, sweet girl ;-)

  2. oi!! sto leggendo i tuoi post fi fisica: super fighi!!
    p.s. Ma tutti siamo un po' romantici in fondo no? smack e a sabato!!

  3. Danke :-)
    Romantici... forse tutti tutti no, ma tutti noi italiani sì ;-)

  4. cara, che meraviglia le tue esperienze, ti ricordo sempre con affetto !!!! sorrisiiiiiiiii


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