giovedì 3 ottobre 2013


So, how many potential friends have I made so far in Abu Dhabi over the past 6 months:. Let's play the list game (in no particular order):
_ Karen: Scottish
_Sabrina: Irish (old one, she does not count as new one)
_Ina: German
_Hosam: Palestinian/Lebanese
_Laura: Italian
_Steve: English
_Firas: Palestinian/Jordanian
_Fabio: Italian
_Naser: Palestinian/Lebanese
_Suha and Rami: Palestinian
_Rania: Egyptian
 _Ana: Russian
_Atef: Jordanian/Swedish
_Aisha: Emirati

It was reassuring to come back from my latest holiday and find messages from many of the above, asking: "Where are you"???

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