mercoledì 18 dicembre 2013

And there she was ...

...across the bar. Among many new faces. One familiar smile gazes back at me. We smile.

K:"Ma che ci fai qui?" [What are you doing here?]
G: "Ma che ci fai TU qui?" [What are YOU doing here?]

The last time Giulia and I met was around 2004 (so she recalls) when we where both at LSE. Our roads kind of crossed, as we were both in Brussels at some point in time. But never contemporaneously. Sometimes, we exchanged emails. She gave me some EU-jobs tips. But then our roads parted again. I knew she was somewhere far and exotic. But could not keep track (these EU people). This was true until yesterday. There she was, with her usual hyped up spirit (don't know how can such as small person have so much energy). Man, it has been almost 10 years. But she looks the same.

I get to meet her husband (who is British with Indian heritage and invited ME to taste his "pesto"- no comment, Giulia frowned), see pictures of their little Anita, hear all about her 'Kenya- Abu Dabi commute', the former where she lives with her baby, the latter where her husband lives. I am ecstatic! Such a pleasant and unexpected surprise. This alumni meeting isn't that bad after all. In no time we get introduced to another Italian, Simona. Then, one, two and many more nice ex-LSE students.

I am not getting over excited, as Abu Dhabi has rather disappointed me on the 'people front'. But this time I have a good feeling... stay tuned.

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