domenica 1 dicembre 2013

#RescueKamilahCampaign - Abu Dhabi 2013 (Part 3)

After one week spent recharging her batteries in the sun, it was time again to say good bye to Oriana and get ready for the event of the month with the Di Bella: The Etihad Formula 1 Race. What an event!!!

I bought three tickets back in April, soon after I arrived, as I thought my little cousin would join her parents. So when she decided not come I reluctantly decided to join the family, after all I had a day off, the weather was why not. Furthermore, even if I had no interest in the races there were some good concerts lined up: Muse and Depeche Mode.*

The F1 was a wonderful and amazing experience, which I am 'definitely' repeating next year no doubt. The event was superbly organised, with different activities scattered around the F1 village. 

There was music, food, F1 related stands with driving simulations, free henna tattoos, free manicure to pamper the ladies, Abu Dhabi cultural stands... Etihad F1 planes air name it. Not a chance to be bored.

Our tickets gave us access to the Hill, which was in my opinion the best place to be. You could walk around, sleep on the grass, watch the sunset, the air show and...

... make new friends! In fact I met Chris (from London) and Kevin (a bit like me, all over the place, an American previously living London and  Abu Dhabi but now in Indonesia). They are two friends who regularly meet at the Abu Dhabi F1 event. I saw them the first day of the race and but we clicked the second day.

On the last day, our crews joined forces and we made our ways to the Depeche Mode concert. What a beautiful ending for  this long Abu Dhabi week end!

*Note for Emily: I was tempted to write "the" Muse and "the" Depeche Mode :)

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