lunedì 16 dicembre 2013

#RescueKamilahCampaign - Abu Dhabi 2013 (Part 4)

Then it was the Super Dupers Time! my super dupers are busy bees, so they could not all come together due to busy work schedules. On Wednesday I pick up Merge from the airport. I simply could not believe it. I had a grin all day long, on my way to the airport, at the welcoming gate. I was the happiest bunny in Abu Dhabi. We had not seen each other since April. Thanks to my flexi work I could leave work pretty early on Thursday and spend most of the time catching up on the pool side or sipping cold drinks on my balcony.
Friday, it is time for another super duper delivery, but this time the pick up is in the city centre where Merge and I pick up Rasoul!! Rasoul is one of those best friends for life. He is also an ex-Matrix as he moved back (for a while) back home to mystical Tehran. Yes, Tehran. Thinking that my friend came from Tehran just for my birthday and to reunite with his ex colleagues makes me grin and giggle....

We spent the next day doing more catching up, eating, drinking and getting some vitamin D on the pool side.  On Saturday night it was time for yet another ride to the airport to pick 3 gorgeous super dupers. I was very moved, happy, excited, emotional, thrilled. I was having 5 best friends all for me for more than a week. They were ALL here! in Abu Dhabs!! And all for me!
Again, thanks to flexi time I only had to spend half a day at work before rushing to get supplies for the coming days. The time we spent together can be described using few words: laughter, happiness, sun, beach, sand, music and ladies nights. Sleep was not a regular on the menu, but who needed sleep when you had so little time to spend with people you consider your family.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. Here are a few:

I think this was one of the happiest birthdays I ever had simply because I was finally serene, happy and in very good company.

The departure was inevitable. But thankfully it happened in stages: Rasouls, then Mirja, then Meena and Emily then Louise.... They were very tactful and loving in doing so!

Super Dupers, you are the best! I love you all very much!

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