lunedì 16 dicembre 2013

#RescueKamilahCampaign - Abu Dhabi 2013 (Part 5)

Sara, was the last dedicated supporter to the #RescueKamilahCampaign 2013. It was so great to finally have the chance to sit together without rushing our catch ups during my brief Genoa stays. It was finally Sara and me, no time constraints, no boyfriends around, no mad driving up and down across town for a brief coffee or aperitivo.

Thankfully she is a very independent traveller, who spared me two trips to Dubai, but not a fourth visit to the mosque and a second safari ;)

It was a relaxed quality time with a precious friend... long overdue. To lure her into Abu Dhabi, I advertised the country as a hot sunny place. Who would have predicted that she would arrive in the middle of a storm that paralysed the entire Emirate for a couple of days.... Che culo!

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