giovedì 22 maggio 2014

The holiday season... Has begun

It was about time!! I call the period better October until mid May in Abu Dhabi, the guests season. Then the next coming months are too hot for whit skin people. The weather is so nice in the winter and the fall here, that I save my holiday for when temperatures start to soar. And man if the soar. Apart from my brief long week end in Oman, I am off now to my first adventure of the year. The first of many planned actually.
Am so so excited! Am drafting this message as am comfortably sitting in a beautiful black Audi, kindly provided by Etihad for its business traveller. But don't be fooled. Despite the luxury travel I am having a proper backpacking holiday. Let's say backpacking with a twist!
Am on my way to Ho Chi Minh (or Saigon) where am tagging along one of my best friends' adventures!
Louise is on a 4 month holiday in south east Asia. She is on a longer journey though, a very brave one. While we know she is making friends every day and she will manage just fine; the super dupers decided to join her during some of her trips. 
This reminds me of something Louise's mum told her when she learned about out plan: "oh Louise, your friends will never let you be alone!"
Se meant well! But now that I think of what we planned, that could also have sound like a threat (which is now maeriosing!) 
Am almost at the airport! More posts to come!
Vietnam and Louise... Here I come!!

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