martedì 22 luglio 2014

Packing. Again. Destination Thailand

Oman, Jordan, Palestine, and Vietnam were the destinations of the first half of 2014. The second half will take me (inshallah as we say in this part of the world) to many more ...

Next destination: Thailand and its amazing beaches. I look forward to be reunited (for the third time this year!) with my Super Dupers and dive in the beautiful waters of Koh Tao (I am - almost-  PADI certified, yuppy!!)

Bottom line, I am packing again. My swim and gym gear are ready (yep I found a gym on Koh Tao, but we will see if the girls allow me to use it) and in two more sleeps, a quick seven hour flight, I will be in Bangkok where I meet Merge and Mariana, before we take a bus south to Hua Hin, celebrate our full reunion with Lou Lou and Emsy, celebrate Emily's birthday and hopefully without too much hangover head to Koh Tao.

Two of the Super Dupers are missing, but they will be with us in spirit!

Palestine 2014

Palestine, was another trip destination in 2014. A lovely, beautiful yet emotional trip. Lovely and beautful because I reunited with my family: my mother, sister, grandmother (85!) ad her best friend (79!) in one of my beaitiful homelands. Palestine. Emotional, because of the many stories we touched with our hands. Stories of occupation, stories of struggle, of hardship, of  hope.

They say pictures are worth thousands words, so let me narrate my Palestine trip with pictures between Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Bet Sahour, Akka, Sekhnin, Jafa, Nablus ...

Dead car on way to Seknin
Nativity Church

Football fans in Akka

Bir'3em village

Getting so bad at blogging....

Am I getting lazy? Perhaps. I am getting busier and busier? Definitely. Or maybe it is Twitter's and Whatsapp's fault.

I started blogging because I had no Facebook and I wanted to keep my family and friends, who ar all over the world, posted about my life without having to send individual emails (I have MANY friends and family is scattered all over the place!)

But now, since the advent of Whatsapp and Twitter things have changed. I am on daily contact with those I love; the super dupers, family, my wife, friends ... and I am less and less on my blog. But I need to go back to it because reading my old entries makes me smile,  laugh and cry... sometime. So many events, so many emotions that Twitter and Whatsapp can't properly document.

So, will do my best to keep it updated. It turns out I have a few readers (even in the US, hello Greg!!)

Watch this space....

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