martedì 26 agosto 2014

And we pack again! End of the Road here I come

After Thailand I did  a quick trip to Jordan. Another one of those trips down the memory lane.
Now I am packing again for the trip of the year (or one of the trips of the year!)

Destination: UK!

My holiday will start with a partial reunion with almost all super dupers. Destination End Of The Road festival (EOTR). I am so excited! It is my (and Meena's) first festival experience, but thankfully we are joined by some pro: Louise (who is back!!), Emily, Evelina, Vale, Pierre and Eoin. It will be all about tents, cider, wellies, mud, bonfire....and music of course!

Finding warm clothes fit for a festival was mission impossible. Almost! As I discovered a store called Tschibo which does not have a particular theme but sells absolutey everything including thermals!

So, I have the tent, the sleeping bag, the wellies, and above all the excitment to see my friends! I really need this break as lately I've been juggling three jobs. My professional life is undertaking serious restructuring (soon you will kow more!), but I am tired!

So, EOTR, here I come!

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