domenica 14 settembre 2014

Musandam diving trip

What an absolutely ace week-end! It started with a six hour drive, which seemed endless. It took everyone else about 3.5 to 4 hours, but my group and I got...ehm.. lost and got stuck in the sand. I must have believed I was driving a 4X4 as I was choosing a short cut across the sand. Thankfully we were towed by two locals with their serious truck. They say you haven't properly experienced the deserted unless you have been here you go!

We finally reach our destination, Dibba port, and we embark on a beautiful old wooden dhow. Most divers are already there (3.5 to 4 hours remember?...argh). My new friends and I settle on the lower deck and I start dreaming about the sea life. I am mixed with excitement and fear as my risk calculating brain does not really come to terms with this new activity that I chose as the new hobby.

The next two days are all about the sea, diving, breathing, and watching in awe the under water life. Being under water brings out the spiritual side of me... there is so much silence, apart from the Darth Vader-like sound that emanates from the regulator.... We do 5 five dives in total, the night dive was particularly hard for me. Thankfully, my wonderful instructor Paola comes to my rescue (as of course I loose my buddy in panic) and holds my hand throughout the dive. This calms me down and allows me to gaze at one of the most beautiful and breathaking sceneries I have ever seen....

I think I am hooked! It has been a lovely adventure. Great fun, new people, new friends and more and more love for life...

By Tim Allen

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