venerdì 25 novembre 2016

Let's do this

Jeez! Another year passed....and my blog had no life.... last year I blamed Instagram, this year I "blame" my busy busy (but happy) life. However, I have been meaning to get back to it. As much as I am enjoying using pictures to captures memories, there are days that I need to write down how I feel. It is priceless to go back to old diaries and read what the Kamilah of many years ago was feeling or thinking.

So, watch this space as I will come back to it really soon. In the meantime I find it funny to see how many things haven't changed from last year. Last post read:

  • I travelled a lot to new and familiar places such as Bali, Ireland, Scotland, the UK, Italy, Jordan and Oman
          In 2016 story repeats itself: Argentina, Brazil, Italy, UK, Philippines, Jordan, California (USA), and Oman!

  • New exciting people have entered my life, while some (thankfully) exited 
         Couldn't be more true!

  • I have reunited with many of my favourite people on several occasions (did I mention my Super Duper best amazing rocking amazeballs girlfriends sent me a ticket to visit  them in London on Valentine’s Day? YES! I have those kind of girlfriends…)
         Not only I saw my super dupers butI also traveled with some of them

  • I have embraced some new healthy obsessions (you know me!), latest being Crossfit
        Going strong as ever!
  • I laughed a lot, cried a little (but mostly out of laughter)
  • Work took some (positive) turns I never imagined
        Having a job is in itself a blessing

  • Uh oh AND  I quit smoking!! On the 5th of May 2015….. Life if good. Namaste
         Still clean! Could not be more proud

2016 you have been good and you are not over yet!

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