venerdì 6 gennaio 2017

What a week

My first week in 2017 was an intense one. Let alone that I woke up with a message from my bank informing me that I bought house insurance in the USA for over 1500 dollars... WTF! but it has been intense because I had to go back to a place I left behind almost 16 years ago. A place where time seems to have stopped. At least for my family.

This trip reminded me how lucky I am. But also reminded me that I have to be kind to myself because if I am where I am today I owe it to the great woman I call mamma (and she would need books to give her the credit she deserves) but also some credit goes to me. To the choices I made. To the sacrifices. To the sleepless nights, to the 4 jobs at once when my friends all cared about was to have a boyfriend and a Vespa. To starting a BA degree at 16, an MA at 19 a PhD at 21 after a sabbatical year. I owe it to working as a waitress, a translator, a cook, a travel agent.

One of the things I am most proud today is that I am free. SURPRISINGLY it seems like a privilege when I am with my Palestinian/Jordanian family. In the sense that my family now forgives me things they do not forgive others.. As if I earned such right.

I have to run. My flight to Abu Dhabi, the place I call home today is boarding
Peace and love
Happy 2017

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