venerdì 3 novembre 2017

My first solo camping - Dibba, UAE

I have a first row seat in front of Snoopy Island. The weather is perfect, no need to set up a fire. There are enough flames around me. My supper is bread, salame and mortadella. Why spend time and energy wasting the wood and accelerator liquid, I went through so much trouble to retrieve (that needs a blog by itself).

As I am diving with some friends in Dibba at 9 am on a Saturday morning, a good 3.5h from my flat in Abu Dhabi, I decided to drive up on Friday. Camping was a no brainer. I jumped at the idea of camping solo. A very welcome first. I was just a little bit apprehensive about safety but I decided to check the beach out and if needed, sleep in my car.

After a lazy Friday morning, still recovering from 17km endurance run on Thursday evening, I make my way to my partner's in crime place for a catch up and a bite.

At almost 3 pm, after we eat, catch up, have an argument with IKEA delivery (seriously...), and set up her wireless earphones (hurray!! She is hopeless when it comes to IT) I take off to Dibba.

LESSON N.1: Make sure you check when it gets dark and plan your trip accordingly. Even if I have considerable experience with tents. Even if I have my head lamp with. Setting up the tent was a nightmare. Result: the most hideous standing tent I have ever seen. I actually feel embarrassed.

LESSON N.2: When you are not bbq'ing you do not need to carry useless coal....ehmmm yes true.... I was just sooooo excited.....camping means fire, and coal....oh well.

To be honest I had romanticized the idea of camping solo a little... I pictured myself sitting on a semi deserted beach, gazing at the horizon, the sound of the waves playing background music, with a glass of Malbec disguised in a vulgar paper cup.... Instead I am surrounded by loud white people, playing a cacophony of sounds on their music devices.....while the Arabs are on the road nearby, racing. Not the background music I was expecting....

Oh well....I am here. My tummy is full. My flask of Malbec is empty. The tent is calling.

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